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Welcome on the homepage of nadicom GmbH – the experts in microbiology.

nadicom GmbH is both a service provider in the field of identification and genetic typing of microorganisms and a manufacturer of microorganisms. It isolates, cultivates and markets microorganisms that interact with plants and support their growth. These microorganisms are also known as Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB). The microorganisms are traded under the brand name rhizo power®. Specific mixtures of bacteria are produced depending on the plant species. 
In addition to many years of experience in the isolation and identification of biotechnologically and agriculturally relevant strains, nadicom has the complete technical equipment for cultivation, genetic identification and fermentation on a laboratory scale. 
nadicom also sees itself as a problem solver and advisor in quality control, product manufacturing, processing and hygiene due to its many years of expertise. Our highly qualified team consisting of biologists, biology laboratory technicians and bioinformaticians supports you with its many years of expertise.
We look forward to your enquiry!